Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is to see smiley face. To keep our mission, we are serving among the poorest of the poor people to develop their business so that they can become self supported and can provide their children proper education, medical treatment and clothing etc. We are interested to give them as loan which they require due to their lack of capital in their business which they can manage through their local borrower in exchange of a high interest rate.

In our Country Bank and other Government resources are not interested to give them loan in easy way.

The total loan amount will be refunded weekly basis in very easy installment basis. At the same time the beneficiary will pay some service charge (donation) to manage our operational and administrative cost including other charitable works.

One of our future plans is that, we are interested to extend the Micro Finance Program.

Finally glorify the name of Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and to spread up His Kingdom.