From zero means locally based some individual collection started CSS India. Finally Rev. Munshi introduced with ENTERPRISE, U.S.A. in 1990 for funding co-operation and started funding by ENTERPRISE, U.S.A. since 1991 to till date as a result today our current beneficiaries are all most 11778 and we are successful in operational and administrative cost to cover through the income from Micro Finance Program. Not only that we are running eight charitable program from the above said program income.

We have a two storied own main office building, running an Animal husbandry Demonstration and Research Program in different villages with camp under Government approved Veterinary Doctor, and also Animal Husbandry Project and Home of Hope (Boys)-DCH with 20 boys in our own land at Tababeria which is almost total 15000 Square Feet area with a office building, apart from this we have two rented office. We have already started Home of Hope (Girls) with 50 girls in our own new land at same village. We have purchased agricultural land for our Home of Hope Boys and Girls in 2011 for training purpose. Soon the training will be started. We are expanding our working area in new districts; In 2011 we have expanded our activities in another new district. Our present staff 53 nos. except one is part time.

Present loan portfolio is US$ 524468 = Rupees 23601055 Approx.

Average loan size – US $ 60.00 = Rupees 2699.40 PAR – 0%.

During this 23 years CSS has able to rescue from poverty thousand and thousand people.