Dear Friends,

We are all most end of the door of 2010. With the blessing of LORD we have passed 2010 almost smoothly and also during the tremendous global economical crisis, through your prayer and support the growth of CSS India has been increased.

As a result we have opened our own branch office at Howrah district to run smoothly our Micro Finance program.

At the same time we have almost complete the Boy’s Home new building for boys staying purpose.

We are grateful to LORD that our Micro Finance program is running steadily with the strong co-operation of our founder funding agency i.e. and very much hopeful within 1st quarter of 2011 we will touch in new two districts for Micro Finance program.

Soon we are going to purchase a cultivation land for Home of Hope Boy’s and Girl’s training and partly support their daily vegetables requirement.

Finally I would like to request you please pray for us continuously that which golden opportunity has given by LORD JESUS CHRIST. we can properly utilized HIS blessing for the poorest of the poor people of India specially under West Bengal to glorify HIS name and spread up his kingdom through your active co-operation till death.

God bless you all abundantly. Thanks.

Peace in Christ.

Himadri Munshi