Dear Friends,

Christmas is knocking in our heart, it is not so far. Every year in the start of the December month my heart is try to realize what the meaning is and plan had was of our Heavenly Father to see and know
about the story of the Bethlehem.

Particular this year I try to realize the question which is sometimes asking me why did JESUS come to the Earth?

Some Christian people will say for our salvation purpose JESUS come to the earth. And also some may say to broken up the law of Old Testament and established the New Testament; there is lot of clarification and realization.

But my realization this that the SON of LORD come to the earth to teach us how we will pass our life in the earth.

From his born to crucifixion of JESUS we have learn very simplicity of life because SON of LORD took birth in a stable in the manger, finally tremendous sacrifice and obedience on Heavenly Father. If we look to the Golgotha and recall his 6th speech from the cross “It is finished”.

Again if we turn our face to the 40 days passing into the desert with prayer and HE faced in the front of devil and He has to prove himself his strong believe and trust on the Heavenly Father.

Another way I can say the SON of LORD show us how wisely face problem with the diplomacy, when Pilate asks to JESUS “You are a king, then!” JESUS answered “You are right in saying I am a king”. In the New
Testament Son of LORD said we should be careful like snake and our heart should be soft like pigeon. Our Savior has been proved HE is the best organizer of the world from the very beginning because after HIS ascension HIS kingdom is spreading since almost above 2000 years and still it is growing.

Please don’t think I am preaching you or teaching you. All above said thinks is my realization and now my question is finally after completion of 33 years life in the earth SON of LORD said from the cross “It is finished”. Similarly should we can able to say before death of our life that my dearest Heavenly Father I have finished my duty in the earth what you have given to me on my shoulder.

Finally take my love and greetings. Thanks.

A servant of LORD

Himadri Munshi.