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Letter from the Director about new Program Director

Dear Friends,

Greetings to all of you in the matchless name of our savior LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I am writing to you all as necessary information that the glory of God, since 1st April 2011. My daughter Anindita Pal Chowdhury has been taking a role as program director of CSS India.

In below I am giving you as an introduction for you her background and service involvement with CSS.


Name: Anindita Pal Chowdhury.
Date of Birth: 26th November 1974.
Academic Qualification: M.A, B.Ed from Calcutta University.

Letter from the Director about Activities of CSS India – 2010

Dear Friends,

We are all most end of the door of 2010. With the blessing of LORD we have passed 2010 almost smoothly and also during the tremendous global economical crisis, through your prayer and support the growth of CSS India has been increased.

As a result we have opened our own branch office at Howrah district to run smoothly our Micro Finance program.

At the same time we have almost complete the Boy’s Home new building for boys staying purpose.

We are grateful to LORD that our Micro Finance program is running steadily with the strong co-operation of our founder funding agency i.e.

An open Letter about the Realization on Jesus Christ – 2009

Dear Friends,

Christmas is knocking in our heart, it is not so far. Every year in the start of the December month my heart is try to realize what the meaning is and plan had was of our Heavenly Father to see and know
about the story of the Bethlehem.

Particular this year I try to realize the question which is sometimes asking me why did JESUS come to the Earth?

Some Christian people will say for our salvation purpose JESUS come to the earth. And also some may say to broken up the law of Old Testament and established the New Testament;

Letter from the Director on the 21st Birthday of CSS India – 2009

Brothers and Sisters,

I especially thank to LORD JESUS CHRIST because we have passed last 21 years with the blessing of Him.

And also I thank to all of our donor and well wiser, CSS board members and also all of CSS staff.

When I recall the 1st meeting to form Christian Service Society and its Board of Members and the Executive Committee that time some of members asked me, how the organization will run? Have any possibility to get fund or anybody committed to me for future possibility regarding fund-getting purpose.

In reply I told them the quote of respected and world famous poet of our country,

Letter from Director about Progress of CSS India – 2007

Brothers and Sisters,

With the blessing of Lord and your active co-operation and also your continuous prayer and deep hearted thinking for Christian Service Society, India has been reached a stronger position with its activities.

As a result we have reached today as a growth of CSS from the last year is almost average 15% in all respect.

Present Position
Micro Finance current clients – 16000
Searching and praying for a own branch office at Howrah District
Other Charitable works almost 7 types are running smoothly.

Home of Hope-Boys (Orphan &